Don't forget to drop the form off at the Boro Building!!

​Must be turned in no later than July 6th!!

All information on purchasing a banner for any member of your family that is Active Duty, Veteran, or a Deceased Veteran.

These banners will be proudly displayed on the telephone poles lining Liberty Way!

Click link for more information.

Applications are also available at the Liberty Borough Municipal Building.

Date : August 18, 2018

Time : Noon to 4:00 p.m.

Place : Liberty Boro Fire Hall

Vacant Property Program

Did you know that anything that goes into a catch basin or storm inlet on the street eventually ends up in a stream or river?  You can help protect our water resources by reporting any activity that could cause pollution of our waterways.  If you see someone dumping anything into a storm inlet or even just dumping something on the street such as oil or auto fluids, litter, paint, grass clippings, hazardous waste or cleaning fluids, you can report this to the borough office at 2921 Liberty Way, Liberty Borough, PA 15133.  Please get as much information as possible including a photo, the location and time and other pertinent information.  Together we can all protect water, our most valuable resource.

Dye testing of homes is currently underway!

Contact the Borough building for more info!

PUC Usage REPORT 2016

Fun ToBeAKidDay!!